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Comprehensive Pediatric Care

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Individual Psychotherapy

Individual services are provided when there are significant concerns associated with PTSD, depression, anxiety, behavior or family functioning. Terra Firma participants are prioritized for individual counseling when they score in the positive range on a mental health assessment in medical care, are identified as having specific mental health needs by a provider, or are required by a judge to engage in mental health care. Approximately 2/3 of the youth who received at least one mental health visit receive individual therapy.

Group PsyChotherapy

              Youth Support Program

Terra Firma’s Youth Support Group was developed at the inception of the program to meet the emotional demands of migration and loss, reuniting with family, navigating the immigration system and acculturative stress. This trauma-informed group meets weekly alternating between boys and girls groups and lasts for approximately four months. Each session ends with a mindfulness exercise with the aim of teaching youth how to mitigate stress, strengthening locus of control and enhancing resiliency. To date, over 70 youth have participated in this program.

                Sponsors Support Group

Terra Firma offers a Sponsors’ Support Group for the adult caretakers of unaccompanied immigrant children. Since Terra Firma’s inception, it was evident that sponsors face significant emotional, behavioral and financial stressors in their relationships and support of the newly arrived child into their household. Sponsors’ Support Group meets monthly and discusses topics of interest that include navigating the education system, coping with the stress of family reunification, attachment, the manifestation of trauma on behavior and concrete services such as finding affordable housing. In January 2017, an immigration lawyer was brought to group to discuss fears raised by the new federal administration’s executive orders. In the past 12 months there have been 30 unique participants in 79 support group visits.

               Pre-teen Group

In January 2017, Terra Firma launched its Pre-Teen group to focus on the mental health needs of youth ages nine through thirteen. The weekly Pre-Teen group provides support around attention and behavior, acculturation and comfort in school and social settings. One third of the group participants are young girls.


Social Services and Case management

Our program has case managers and social workers that connect immigrant children and their sponsors to supplemental community resources such as food, job applications, summer programs, GED course enrollment, daycare/Pre-K enrollment etc. These resources are crucial as they allow immigrant children and their families to attain stability in the United States.

Enrichment Programs

We offer a variety of programs ranging from English classes, a soccer league, arts, photography, zumba classes, and a variety of other workshops. 

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