Media coverage from Pope Francis' visit to New York City in 2015, when he met with many of our participants and partner organizations:


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Unaccompanied children seeking safe haven: Providing care and supporting well-being of a vulnerable population

Dr. Julie M. Linton and Dr. Alan Shapiro: Family separation violates pediatricians' responsibility to protect children an Op-Ed in the Winston-Salem Journal by Dr. Alan Shapiro and Dr. Julie Linton (2018)

"Medical-Legal Care for Unaccompanied Immigrant Garifuna Children" in the Harvard Journal of African-American Policy (2015)

Detention of Immigrant Childrena policy statement co-authored by Dr. Alan Shapiro, in Pediatrics (2017)

"How Gang Killings Affect El Salvador’s Children" in the New York Times (2015)

"The Cruel Ploy of Taking Immigrant Kids From Their Parents" - Op-Ed in the New York Times by co-founders Alan Shapiro and Brett Stark, with Dora Galacatos (2018)

Government-sanctioned family separation, anti-immigrant rhetoric and expanded deportation are public-health threats that we could never have imagined.

As pediatricians who work in communities rich with immigrant families, we have witnessed first-hand the collateral damage that this practice is having on our own patients and are responding to the mental-health needs of children gripped by fear of their families being ripped apart.

-Dr. Alan Shapiro and Dr. Julie Linton, "Family separation violates pediatricians' responsibility to protect children," Winston-Salem Journal (6/7/2018)

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