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Lisa Pineda, LCSW-R

Mental Health Clinical Director

Lisa Pineda, LCSW-R is a senior level clinician and Mental Health Director of Terra Firma. Lisa specializes in child and adolescent mental health, particularly traumatic stress resulting from interpersonal trauma. Previously working in a Child Advocacy Center model, she also has expertise in dealing within the child welfare system. Lisa is trained in a number of trauma-focused evidence-based therapeutic interventions, including TF-CBT, AF-CBT, SPARCS, CPT, TST, CPP, and PSB-CBT. Lisa’s present work with Hispanic immigrant population, including unaccompanied children, is the culmination of over 10 years of experience contributing to the research and refining of therapeutic interventions with this population. Lisa is the co-author of “Working with parents and children separated at the border: Examining the impact of the Zero Tolerance policy and beyond,” Journal of Child & Adolescent Trauma (2019). Lisa earned her MSW from Adelphi University, where she conducted research with Hispanic immigrant youth and their families, addressing mental health outcomes.

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