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Legal Services
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All Immigrants Deserve Access to Legal Representation
Terra Firma aims to ensure that its clients receive the legal representation they deserve. In the past decade, Terra Firma has collaborated with Catholic Charities of New York and New York Legal Assistance Group to provide legal services to unaccompanied immigrant children and families seeking asylum. Additionally, Terra Firma relies on the entire network of pro bono immigration attorneys in the New York City area to broaden access to legal services. While our aim is to ensure representation for all clients, we are bound by the constraints of the legal community's capacity.

If you are an attorney looking for a medical or mental health evaluation in support of your client's legal case, please fill out the below forms:

  • If not an existing Terra Firma client, please first fill out our Referral Form

       linked here.

  • Once your client's referral has been processed and becomes a patient of Terra Firma, please fill out our Evaluation Request Form linked here.

Medical & 
Mental Health

Things to Know

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