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Terra Firma fights to ensure all immigrant children and families have access to quality healthcare and legal representation.


Terra Firma's expert providers conduct medical and psychological evaluations to support immigration cases for existing clients engaged in medical or mental healthcare.

Expert Testimony

Terra Firma Co-Founder Cristina Muñiz de la Peña, PhD ACCEP testifies at a House Energy and Commerce subcommittee held to discuss the effects of family separation at the US-Mexico Border.

Scroll to 3:05 to hear Cristina.

Terra Firma's team of professionals have also:​

  • Testified in Pennsylvania State Court calling for expedited release of families from the Berks Family Detention Center due to risks of COVID-19.

  • Provided professional declarations to support litigation in collaboration with the ACLU and in the cases O.M.G. v Wolf and D.A.M. v Wolf, calling for a temporary restraining order against ICE and allowing for the expedited release of families from family detention centers to decrease their risk of contracting COVID-19.


Terra Firma presents our one-of-a-kind model and the unique needs of unaccompanied immigrant children  and families seeking asylum to legal service providers, family medicine practitioners, immigration advocates, and healthcare professionals and are available to provide trainings upon request.

Media Mentions

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