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Direct Services

Terra Firma, embedded within the Bronx Health Collective, a Federally Qualified Health Center located in the South Bronx provides wrap-around services to unaccompanied immigrant children and families seeking humanitarian protection. The program’s location in a community health center has been important to its success, enhancing trust and facilitating access to multi-disciplinary and multi-sector appointments at one time and in one place. This model is centered on the principle that healthcare and legal professionals can work together on behalf of immigrant children and families in order to improve health and immigration outcomes. Based on our Medical Home Model all clients will receive a medical intake and then referred to the appropriate co-located services (i.e., mental health, case management, enrichment & legal).

Direct Services:


Individual, family and group therapy, mental health evaluations for immigration proceedings.

Legal  consultations and/or representation, Know Your Rights presentations and external legal referrals.

ESOL, arts, soccer and academic support. 

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