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Mental Health Services
A young migrant girl sits on a couch facing a therapist taking notes
Mental Health Services are Crucial for Newly-Arrived Immigrants

Terra Firma provides psycho-therapeutic interventions such as psycho-education about trauma and traumatic stress, learning emotion identification and regulation skills, engagement in gradual exposure to traumatic details, and identification and maintenance of safe and supportive interpersonal relationships. 


Terra Firma provides evidence-based treatments such as Trauma-Focused Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (TF-CBT), Cognitive Processing Therapy (CPT), Trauma and Grief Component Therapy (TGCT), among others. The most common treatment modality at Terra Firma is individual therapy, but treatment may also include sessions with the patient’s family members. Group psychotherapy is available for adolescents.

Terra Firma therapists assist patients in developing a safe and trusting therapeutic relationship, and through trauma-informed and evidence-based psycho-therapeutic interventions, facilitate patients' processing of the impact of compounded trauma. 


Things to Know


We enroll all eligible patients in health insurance at their first visit. In New York state, all children 18 and under qualify for Child Health Plus under the state CHIP program. If the patient is older than 18 we use PRUCOL documentation to apply for Medicaid. 

Mental Health services are provided based on a referral in medical care. 

We conduct psychological evaluations for immigration proceedings.

Things to Know

Questions about mental health services?

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