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Terra Firma’s flagship program, embedded within the Bronx Health Collective, a Federally Qualified Health Center of Montefiore Medical Center, provides co-located medical and mental health care, social and youth enrichment services and access to legal resources and representation to unaccompanied immigrant children and families seeking humanitarian relief. 


Since our inception in 2013, Terra Firma has gained national recognition and has received requests to replicate our program. Answering this call to action, we launched a nonprofit organization in 2021, Terra Firma National, which seeks to develop a network of programs across the country, strengthen advocacy, drive child-centered policy, and pioneer much needed research about the needs of this vulnerable immigrant population. Terra Firma’s mission is to ensure that all children and families receive healthcare and justice, regardless of immigration status.

Development Manager

Terra Firma National

Terra Firma National is seeking a full-time Development Manager to meet its revenue needs to support its strategic goals. This position manages fundraising activities, including the cultivation of existing supporters, as well as identifying and soliciting new funding streams, such as individual donors, private and corporate foundations, and government grant opportunities. Additionally, the Development Manager will participate in planning an annual fundraising event in conjunction with key staff, Board members, and outside consultants. 

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